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Refugee Resettlement & Immigration Services

We welcome the stranger through our Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services Program.

Our Refugee Resettlement Program focuses on assisting newcomers in becoming part of our communities, and our Immigration Services Program focuses on low-cost legal assistance to reunite families in our state.

How to Get Help

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Who We Serve

As the only Refugee Resettlement agency in West Virginia, we provide resettlement support services through programs designed to help newcomers throughout the state integrate into the community and achieve self-sufficiency.

Federal law determines eligibility for Refugee Resettlement programs. The follow categories of immigrants are eligible:


  • Refugees who are forced to flee their home country and are granted status before they arrive in the United States.
  • Asylees who came to the United States seeking asylum protection and have been granted asylum by immigration asylum officers or by immigration judges.
  • Afghan and Iraqi Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders who worked with the United States military helping with translation, interpretation, and other skills and who were granted special immigrant status.
  • Victims of Human Trafficking (VOT) who are foreign born victims of labor or sex trafficking.
  • Cuban/Haitian Entrants who enter the United States due to humanitarian reasons.
  • Afghan Humanitarian Parolees who entered the United States due to the rapid evacuation and relation under Operation Allies Refuge/Operation Allies Welcome.
  • Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees who entered the United States in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
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Refugee & Immigration Resettlement

Services We Offer

We strive to make the transition to life in West Virginia as easy as possible by providing these services:

  • Pre-arrival arrangements for incoming refugees, including assistance with housing placement and airport pickup
  • Community and cultural orientation lessons on topics such as Cultural Adjustment, Education, Financial Literacy, Health, Housing, Transportation, and U.S. Laws.
  • Referrals to social services and benefits
  • Assistance with obtaining identification documents
  • Assistance with enrollment into English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes
  • Support parents to enroll children in school
  • Assistance with preparation for employment in West Virginia
  • Applications for family reunification

How to Help

Volunteers, interns, and donors help our staff set up apartments, collect housewares and household products, conduct public transportation trainings, drive newcomers to appointments, teach newcomers how to drive, aid in finding employment, and more. To learn more about volunteering, interning or donating to newcomers, contact our office via email or phone call.

Immigration Services

Our Immigration Services program provides immigration legal services and assistance with a concentration on family reunification. We also assist individuals with maintaining lawful immigration status. We help immigration clients prepare petitions and applications to file with USCIS.  We focus on providing immigration legal services to West Virginia residents.

Services We Offer

We provide low-cost immigration legal services which include the preparation of family-based visa petitions, marriage-based visa petitions, consular processing applications, green card applications, applications for employment authorization, DACA renewals, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) applications and renewals, and applications for citizenship.

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